And So It Begins… Where Do We Start?

19 Dec
‘The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret to getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small managable tasks and then starting on the first one.’
-Mark Twain

And so it begins… this blog is born.

Here will be a place where I can finally just vent out in a manner I didn’t think I could do before now. But the question is… where do I start? Do I begin with a joke? An observation? A love? A hate? A funny story perhaps? It seems that the hardest thing to ever tackle in life is actually starting it. And once it finally starts, you can not stop until it is finished.

It reminds me of when you are wanting to watch a film in the cinema. The first difficult step is actually deciding on what film you want to watch… it can even take longer to decide than the actual film itself. You end up going through a full list of available films showing on the screen but very cautious of the choice. Should I watch the new Jason Statham action flick or the Lars Von Trier melodrama porn? Explosions or Romance? Special Effects or Plot? It rattles through your brain, terrified of the outcome, worried that it might not please the masses or in this case your friend Paul who is not a film buff and seems to be relying entirely on you to get the ball rolling, and pick a good one. It is the fear of starting on the wrong foot that scares us. But once you have chosen it, you are committed to it till its bitter end… from the visit down the box office to the moment you put your butt on the seat, you sit through the trailers and you gaze at the motion picture you selected… even if it is a bad one, you still try to sit through it as long as possible to keep up appearances, to possibly hide your shame, dreading for the final result at the end.

I unfortunately am a victim of what most twenty-somethings suffer from… which is laziness or procrastination if it needs a fancier word. Been labelled a slacker from my folks many a time, laying about in my room in my tattered jeans and stylish but overworn t-shirt, watching reruns of mid-90s sitcoms while blasting out the latest alternative album that is popular around that time… with the thought of actually starting something more profound but having difficulty in finding that first point …whether it is a simple review, a poem, an essay, a song, the question is… where do I begin? What is the point? Why? It almost becomes a bizarre philosophical affair, trying to find the answer. But then… it brings up the irony that over thinking actually makes you prohibit yourself from starting, from finding the answer. Thinking puts you in a freeze from actually doing it. It is always the easiest solution or the most obvious place to start… and from that you go, you move, you type away and it is where things gets exciting, even for a brief moment.

When it is over, that is the easy part. It becomes a point of self-reflection where you can finally look at the choice you made at the starting point , the observation of your work and finally see its flaws or its victories, love it or hate it. It is the journey to that conclusion thats thrilling because you are in desperate need to complete it even if the result is anticlimactic. The fear has gone, the big hurdle is over and it is all moving forward closer to the finish line… but it can’t happen unless the first stone is cast. Baby steps if anything. And this is where I am now… not just here in this blog, but in life. Now, in my mid-twentie,s as I finally burst out of the bubble I have hidden in for so long can start afresh, observing what I see in the world around me and just grab it. Make the art I want to create, meet the people I want to mingle with, try out new and strange things. And I am gonna do that by expressing it all down in the only way I know how, through the things I love, through my knowledge of everything considered pop culture and writing it all down for the world to see. I will do so even if it does sound like the ramblings off a Nick Hornby book. At least this hasn’t fallen into High Fidelity list making… yet.


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